How to Decorate Your Kids’ Shared Bedroom

There are many people that live in homes with small spaces and it is very common to see that their kids share bedrooms. When talking about shared bedrooms, it means that you would have to have two or more quantities of everything. From bed to dressers, each of the kids should have one of these bedroom furniture or items. When your kids share a bedroom, it is time to find creative solutions that will improve the décor of their room without having to compromise the space as well as your kids’ preferences or tastes. Here are valuable tips that can help you on how you can decorate your kids’ shared bedroom:


  • The first thing that you should do when decorating a shared bedroom is to redecorate it with a type of theme that all your children agree on. You can ask each of them for their preferences or taste and try to suggest to them a kind of theme that combines the kind of style they like.
  • To save space, you can either purchase a twin bed or a bunk bed. You can either decorate or dress these beds with similar beddings. However, if you choose to use beddings with different styles, make sure that they complement the overall décor or theme of the shared bedroom.
  • Matching furniture is the best option when decorating a shared bedroom. However, you have the option to add additional furniture that gives a fun vibe to the room such as bean bag chairs.
  • For storage, you can buy cubes or boxes that can be stacked. This not only serves as storage space for your kids’ belongings but at the same time helps save room space.
  • When it comes to the wall paint or design, as much as possible convince your kids to pick wallpapers or colors that coordinate with the theme of the room.
  • Since your kids are separate individuals, you can personalize each of their area based on their preferences and taste to give some kind of distinction.
  • If your kids want to have some privacy from each other, you can add hinged paneled screens. This allows you to divide the room without having to actually put in a dividing wall between them.

083014_0751_HowtoDecora3.jpgThe most important thing to put in mind when decorating the kids’ shared bedroom is to always ask for their tastes and preferences. You can also ask them to get involved in the room decorating and designing activity to better enable them to incorporate their own style and this makes them love their room.

The simple steps provided above are some of the creative decorating solutions that you can incorporate when decorating or designing the shared bedroom of your kids. Use your creativity but also make sure that each of your kids is able to enjoy their personal space. There are many online stores that you can visit for excellent bedroom products and furniture perfect for shared bedrooms. Visit one of them now and you will see that you have plenty of choices to select from.

6 Low-Care Plants for Your Garden

Developing a plant section is essential to having a garden that is low in maintenance. Some people think that plants just grow if you leave them in the garden, but this is wrong. There are plants that need to be fertilized, paved and mowed regularly like lawns.

If you want to choose low maintenance plants for the garden that you want to make, you need to ask people who are knowledgeable in this field to give you advice. Low maintenance plants will still depend on the climate and soil in your area, so it will still differ from place to place. This article aims to give you an idea about the top 6 low maintenance plants that you can choose for your garden.


This is a plant that is easy to take care of and is usually found in Australia. The Lomandra has strap like leaves that are narrow and has creamy flowers that grows on stems that are spiny. It grows up to 3 feet high and requires almost no maintenance once you get it growing. The new variety of Lomandra is called Tanika and it usually grows on any type of weather and can withstand heavy winter seasons. It remains green all throughout the year and are suited to all types of soil.


This is a very attractive plant with glossy leaves and beautiful pink, red and white flowers growing from the stems. Because they are very gorgeous, people think that they are high maintenance plants. The truth about Camellias is that once they are already established, they will continue to bloom for many years.

Nandina Domestica

Untitled2Nandina, as others call it, is evergreen in color and is a standing shrub with bamboo stems. It has a beautiful flora and usually have while flowers with red berries growing on it. These plants are mostly found in most places in Australia and is very tough to kill because it does not need much care to grow. These plants that boast a bamboo looking foliage can change its colors to orange and scarlet tones when as the cooler parts of the year approaches.

New Zealand flax

This plant has long leaves that are shaped like swords which differ in color according to their variety. Most of the varieties of New Zealand flax are tough and can go through winter season or any other harsh climates.

Bird of paradise plant

Untitled3This is yet another tough plant much like the New Zealand flax. Strelitzia as it sometimes called, has green-grey leaves that are shaped just like spoons. It also has elegant orange and blue flowers that are pleasing to the eyes and are the reason why they are called Bird of Paradise.


This is the best out of all the tough plants and are mostly found in Mediterranean regions. There are many varieties of this plant and the flowers can range from white to light pink to red. They can grow in sandy, salty, dry soil and will live through drought. The parts of the oleander, however, are told to have poison in them.